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Corporate Mandala Paintings

Commission a unique Corporate Mandala Painting that paint your company's mission, values and vision on canvas.  This one-of-a-kind corporate mandala incorporates your company's logo and theme colors.  It serves as a strong focal point for meditation in your workplace which enhances peace of mind and eases problem-solving with whole-minded brain activity.  Meditation is also an ideal way to calm the mind, reduce stress levels, bring clarity into your every-day life and to further inspire you to greater creativity.


Discuss with me with your ideas of painting - size, subject matter and any other details. I will give you an estimated time frame for production.  Click here for price list.


To order a Commissioned Corporate Mandala Painting, email Maria at




BioGenesis Mandala

BioGenesis Mandala is a corporate mandala painting of energy healing tools.

This painting incorporates most of the healing tools and colours:

Wheels of Genesis (center of the mandala):

There are 27 wheels of Genesis, along with the three Red Rings of Genesis.  First Rays, Clear / Transparent, Dark Violet, Light Violet, Sunrise Energy, Green, Full Rays, Dark Blue and Aqua Blue.


BioGenesis Pyramid (the four corners):

The BioGenesis Pyramid is the foundation stone of BioGenesis, which educates the environment and restores harmony.


Other BioGeneis tools (silver glitters on four corners):

BioAmplifier, BioOscillator, BioTranslator, Flame of Genesis, Wand of Genesis, Wings of Genesis, 8 side Pyramid and Shield of Genesis.


24" x 24"

Dated 30 Mar 2009


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Effortless Success Mandala

"Effortless Success" Mandala celebrates the grand opening of "Effortless Success", a spiritual growth center in Hong Kong which is dedicated to encourage people to lead an effortless and joyful life through practicing the principles of Effortless Prosperity.  

This painting reveals spiritual principles.

Above the line:  The pink lotuses on the pond signifies "only truth is real".  Truth is that We Are the Spirit, We Are Unconditional love and we experience the present moment with peace, love, happiness and integrity.

Below the line:  The other side of the pond is a reflection of lotuses.  It is an illusion that everything is upside down and opposite to "above the line", which is misery, jealousy, fear, grievance, resentment, past and future.

To live your life fully and effortlessly, anchor yourself "above the line" and stay here and now.

Affirmations at the center of Effortless Success Mandala:  

I am so Prosperous, I am so Happy, I am so much Joy, I am Successful, I am Strong, I am Rich, I am Grateful, I Love Life, You Are Untouchable, You are Totally Provided For, You Can't Make Mistakes, You are Getting Younger Everyday, Thank You God, Effortless Success.

Repeat the above affirmations throughout the day.

Effortless Success

24" x 24"

Dated 24 Dec 2008


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Zama Mandala

Zama Mandala was a gift to a former naturopathic healing center in Hong Kong called "Zama International Limited", founded by Michelle Tanmizi and Jennifer Walker. 

"Zama" is an ancient Mayan word meaning Dawn - the birth of a new day; a new beginning and the opportunity to make a fresh start - in any area of our lives.

This painting incorporates:

- Company logo: Silver fern

- Theme wall colors of the center:  Red, Light Green and Gold

-  Furniture color:  Wooden Brown

The "Sunrise" image at the center of the mandala resonates to the meaning of the Mayan word "Zama" and signifies the cycle of life. 


20" x 20"

Dated 14 Jan 2007




Commissioned Corporate Mandala Paintings Price List
Size Shape* Price**
12" x 12" Square US$500 - US$650
16" x 16" Square US$700 - US$850
20" x 20" Square US$900 - US$1,100
24" x 24" Square US$1,200 - US$1,500

* Round or rectangle canvas are available for added cost of canvas.

** The above prices do not include shipping and handling fees, which are vary depending on weight and delivery destination.



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